How To Fix The Three Things Stopping Your Business Growth Without Travelling Overnight Or Attending Lengthy Seminars Using Only Your Smartphone …

Wednesday July 8th, 2020

From the Desk Of:
Kevin T. Powell

Dear Business Owner or High Performer,

Your chances of finally meeting your personal and business goals just got better than you ever could have imagined…

If you want to avoid the headaches, stress and expenses of traveling for days at a time or attending long seminars in order to make your goals a reality… this just might be the most important letter you ever read!

I’m sitting here at my computer on a Sunday evening thinking about all the times when I was in a situation … right where you probably are at this very moment. I wanted to grow my new business but I didn’t want to travel or spend all day in seminars. As I tried to learn what I needed, I was bombarded by the gurus: new tactics, new business models, “email is dead,” “web sites are dead,” “phones are obsolete,” social media hacks, messaging tricks … It was insane and making me crazy along with it!

So … as I start to sign up for one of the webinars, my (then) wife at the time said something that changed how I looked at my “quest for success” from that point forward! So what was this earth-shattering, time-stopping, great sliver of wisdom from the ages? She looked at me and told me “Kevin, you have been studying this stuff for years … You already know everything you need to know …”

I immediately begin to think “Well if I know all I need to know, why am I still stuck in the same damn rut?!” As if reading my mind she continued “You just need to take action with what you have been studying …”

Now, there’s good news, bad news and GREAT news! The good news: I learned to apply what I learned and started making a little money as an entrepreneur … The bad news: I ultimately shut down that business and was a hairsbreadth away from giving up on my dreams …

NOW: The GREAT News!

I learned a lesson after shutting down my business: what I didn’t do, because of stubbornness or ego, was to be in a position to be accountable. That very lesson has inspired me to help other entrepreneurs who are trying to get to that next level. The great news is that you can take advantage of my story to make sure that you can increase both the probability AND amount of your successes through the principle of accountability. Principle? Yes. Here it is:

The Principle of Accountability:
When someone you trust believes you will, expects you to, and helps you achieve a goal, you are much more likely to achieve that goal than when doing so on your own.

Accountability helps solve the three reasons why your business is not where you want it to be:

That is what makes accountability an incredibly simple concept but not easy to achieve. For a limited number of hard-working, dedicated entrepreneurs and high performers, I have set aside time to talk with you and discuss how we can work together to make your business what you want.

If and when I take you as a client, I will help you:

Would you like a system to develop the best way of thinking about (and solving) the problems that come your way, whether business or personal?

Would you like to be able to stay out of your own way and make your business what you really want it to be?

Would you like knowing that there is someone who understands what you go through as an entrepreneur?

Would you like having someone in your corner who understands, encourages and helps you meet your goals to go higher and achieve more instead of questioning them?

Would you like to work with someone who truly wants you to succeed more than anyone (except yourself of course)?

Great! Click the “I’m Ready Now” button below and fill out the short questionnaire on the next page … after that, choose a time that works for us to talk … we can be working together to start achieving your goals within the next few days.

Talk to you soon.

Much continued success,

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